You can fly to Banjul (BJL), The Gambia from the following UK airports:

N.B. Most charter flights to The Gambia from the UK operate over the winter months - November, December, January, February, March and April - so this is the best time to pick up a cheap deal on your Gambia flight.

Flights to The Gambia from London Gatwick

Banjul (BJL), The Gambia

Gatwick to Banjul flight

Gatwick flights to Banjul, The Gambia are available throughout the year on a Tuesday. During the high season from November 2012 to April 2013 you have considerably more choice with flights on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (2 flights). These Gambia flights are operated by 2 airlines:

Thomas Cook flights from Gatwick to Banjul Thomas Cook operate Gatwick-Banjul flights on a Monday, Thursday and Friday throughout most of the November 2012 - April 2013 season. Outbound flights from Gatwick to Banjul are priced separately to inbound flights from Banjul to Gatwick, so you're not restricted to multiples of 7 nights e.g. you can fly out to The Gambia on a Friday and return 10 nights later on a Monday. You will often find Thomas Cook offers the cheapest flights from London to the Gambia and if you avoid the peak periods, you may find yourself a real bargain!
Monarch flights from Gatwick to Banjul Monarch Airlines operate weekly flights to The Gambia from Gatwick throughout the year on a Tuesday. From 26th October 2012 to the end of April 2013 they also fly to The Gambia on a Friday. As with Thomas Cook, this opens up the possibility for durations other than 7 or 14 nights e.g. you can fly to The Gambia on a Tuesday for 10 nights (and return to London on a Friday) or fly to The Gambia on a Friday for 11 nights and return to London on a Tuesday. Monarch Airlines have recently started to sell flights to The Gambia directly through their web site, however, other online travel agencies also offer their Gambia flights and may sometimes be cheaper.

Important! When comparing Monarch flights with Thomas Cook flights to the Gambia be careful to ensure that you have included all extra costs. Whilst Monarch include in-flight meals in their headline price, they will charge you an extra £40 per person for 20kg of baggage allowance and they will try to add on an extra £18 pp for "pre-booked seats"... whatever they are? According to their web site it doesn't mean you'll have actual seat numbers, nor seats with extra legroom and you may be separated by the aisle! Thomas Cook also charge an extra £24 per person for 20kg of luggage, £15 for in-flight meals and £15 to choose your seat (provided this is 62 days before your departure). However you can buy all 3 items for £40 per person as part of a "super saver deal" which saves you £20.

Note: Gatwick flights to The Gambia over the summer (May to October) are only available through These tend to be more expensive than other winter flights to The Gambia, except for the peak periods. You might compare these with scheduled flights to The Gambia from London Heathrow which operate throughout the year.

Use the flights calendar below to find links to web sites offering the best flight deals from Gatwick to Banjul - or click here to see all UK -> Gambia flights.

Gambia holiday
What are you planning to do whilst in The Gambia?

The Gambia has a growing number of eco-lodges and nature camps. In addition to the miles of beautiful, sandy beaches - you can sail up-river by boat and see hippos, monkeys, baboons and chimpanzees as well as over 540 species of birds!

Hidden Gambia holidays offers one week itineraries from £695 or £995 for two weeks. For more information, click here for a multi-centre adventure holiday to The Gambia.

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